Coconut Oil for Your Dog’s Skin

Coconut Oil for Your Dog’s Skin.

Are you looking for relief from your dog’s itchy skin or hot spots and wonder if coconut oil for your dog’s skin is the solution?  Coconut oil is good for many things, but what about your dog’s skin?  I use coconut oil for my dogs.  I put a tablespoon in their food occasionally.  As with any oil you add to your pet’s food, you will need to start gradually as too much can cause tummy issues.

Meet Patches, my allergy dog.  The picture below is now that we have found a maintenance program that works well for him.  He had no energy, was too thin, and miserable from his allergies.


While I was searching for natural remedies for Patches and his red, itchy skin, I found numerous recommendations on the use of coconut oil.  Both internal and external use.  And, yes, I tried them because I was desperate to find this pooch relief for his allergies.

Is there scientific proof on coconut oil use for your dog?

Below is an article extract on coconut oil from the AKC Website.
  • According to Dr. Kathy Boehme at the Drake Center for Veterinary Care in California, while coconut oil has beneficial topical uses, it’s not the cure-all some believe it is. Before you make the decision to use it for whatever ails your dog, talk to your vet and take into account that there have been no credible studies proving that coconut oil aids in thyroid dysfunction, weight loss, gum and teeth diseases, or cancer prevention.
  • Additionally, coconut oil doesn’t provide the daily fat requirements your dog needs. The acids in MCTs don’t have enough omega-6 and omega-3 acids, and what it does contain isn’t processed very efficiently. As for claims that MCTs protect against bacteria, viruses, and fungi, while the lauric acid in MCTs does kill germs in lab tests, there is no clear evidence that it can be used in great enough quantities to offer dogs much protection.

Maybe you have already tried the coconut oil with no relief and experienced the same problems above.   Maybe you have already tried other home remedies again with no relief and more wasted time and money.  So what to do?

Here is why I do not use coconut oil externally:

  • I don’t know about your dogs, but all of mine LOVE the taste of coconut oil. Patches would lick it off.  Wow, that’s not much help if a dog is continuing to lick and removing what was supposed to help his skin.  Then I was worried about additional licking that would not normally occur.
  • Attracts insects – oh no.  Yes, pesky little buggy boos.  An allergy pup does not need more bugs after them.
  • Coconut oil makes a greasy coat and anything else your pup touches.  Keeping an allergy pup clean is time-consuming.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t need more baths for him and trying to run around the house cleaning coconut oil off where he may have touched or laid.
  • Hard to wash off – yuck!
  • Dust, pollen, and dirt stick to the oil.  With an allergy pup, you sure don’t need things they may be allergic to sticking to their fur for them to inhale or ingest.

A natural, easy to use solution:

I found an all natural product to help Patches with his hot, red, itchy skin.  Look at these before and after pictures:

no coconut oil

After years of searching for something to heal and soothe his skin – there it was.  Seriously look at these pictures again.  An easy to use spray that smells great and works so quickly.  I have to be honest with you – it would have worked sooner, if I had applied the spray more than once a day.  Yes, it is so natural that you can use is up to 4 times a day.  What if I told you the product only cost $19.99? Imagine a product that cost so little and can give immediate relief and begin healing.

What happens if you keep doing what you are doing now for your pet?  The same thing, right?

If you are like me, I was miserable and so was my pup.

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