July 4th and Your Pet

Dog or Cat Have Anxiety with Fireworks?

July 4th is coming.🥳  Along with all the excitement of cookouts, friends and family visits, and yes the dreaded fireworks (because your pet gets anxious from one or maybe all of the events).
But, there is good news!
If your dog or cat is nervous or afraid of loud noises like fireworks, there is a natural supplement that helps your pet chill.  It is the most comprehensive calming aid supplement for dogs and cats.  It works well for Hank and Bevly and maybe exactly what your pet needs. Yummy chews or a chew bone.
Three options:


Chillax with CBD

Chillax Bone

But!!! Don't wait order today so you will be ready for the 4th. p.s. works great for thunderstorms and any other anxiety your pet may experience.
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