Flea Allergies?

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Why would my pet have a flea allergy when I use a topical prevention?


That’s a scary bug a boo!

I was surprised when my dog’s veterinarian said Patches problem could be an allergy to fleas.  But, we were using a name brand topical prevention monthly.  Our veterinarian indicated several problems:

  •  Fleas can become resistant to the product being used.
    • Fleas are evolving to be more resistant to the standard products on the market.
  •  Some topical prevention does not prevent the flea from biting the animal.
    • Pets are allergic to the flea’s saliva.  It only takes a few bites for a pet to have an allergic reaction.
  •  Break-through protection.
    • The product may not last the full month due to storage (heat/cold) or product production.
  •  Not applying protection routinely.

I have an all natural solution for you  – a flea and tick spray without harmful chemicals for both dogs and cats.    No need for you to buy, mix or store the solution yourself.  The spray can also be used on bedding, pillows, blankets, carpets and rugs.

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What if the product only cost $16.99?

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