Eric and Sasha’s Story

It was love at first sight when Eric rescued Sasha from the shelter.  

Sasha’s previous owner moved and left her chained to a tree.  A kind neighbor noticed that Sasha didn’t have food or water so he immediately took her to the shelter. The shelter checked Sasha over and gave her a much needed bath.  She was so sad and only laid in her cage.  Until one day.…

Eric had always loved dogs and was ready to adopt.  So off to the local shelter he went.  As soon as Eric saw Sasha he knew she was the one.

Eric gave Sasha quality food and treats and she got to her ideal weight.  The bond between them grew each day.  Eric took excellent care of Sasha and they went everywhere together.  

One day Sasha didn’t want to eat her food.  Eric was worried and took her to their vet.  But, there was nothing wrong with Sasha.  The vet recommended a bland diet for a few days so Eric picked up the standard Chicken, rice and canned pumpkin diet.  Sasha ate it up.  Eric knew it wasn’t healthy to continually give her the bland diet, so he put her back on her regular food.  Sasha ate fine for another couple of weeks.  When again, she wouldn’t eat.  Back to the vet they went and again there was nothing wrong with Sasha.  Eric put her on the bland diet again for a few days and Sasha ate.  Eric knew not to switch Sasha’s food to a different type as that could cause tummy issues.  Plus, she was happy and thriving on her food.  Even though Sasha was back on her regular diet, Eric still worried.

One day he met Linda, and they talked dog for a long time.  Eric asked if Linda’s dogs had odd eating habits?  Eric told Linda about Sasha’s eating habit, vet visits, and how worried he was if Sasha’s eating habit continued.  Linda explained to Eric dogs get bored eating the same thing and not to worry.  Linda also advised not to give table scraps or add people food to Sasha’s meal to encourage her to eat.  Linda suggested a healthy product and sent Eric a sample.  She even recommended he take the sample and nutritional information to the vet for his approval.  

Eric tried the sample and Sasha cleaned her bowl.  Now, Eric could change up Sasha’s meals with variety every day without tummy upset and no switching food.  Eric was so happy to see Sasha eat and Sasha was eager to eat her meals.  

Eric rescued Sasha again.  Her Hero!

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