Dogs and Cats LOVE Variety

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Dogs and Cats LOVE Variety

Have you ever noticed that they get bored quickly with toys.  Bring a new toy into the house and they will play with it for hours, but after a few days they don’t have much interest in the newest toy.

Did you know that the same is true with their food?  Your pets CRAVE variety in their diets just like they do with toys.  You don’t like to eat the same thing everyday and neither do they.

Maybe you’ve tried changing their food only for them to have tummy issues or refuse to eat it.  Not to mention transitioning food will take 5-7 days.  You love your pet and want to give them a change, but don’t want them throwing up, having diarrhea, bad gas, or not eating at all, so you stick with the same food.

TaDa – pawTree to the rescue

WHAT, you haven’t heard of pawTree?  pawTree is a new online pet nutrition company that offers a full line of natural and holistic pet goodies.

AND, pawTree has the ONE and ONLY sprinkle on pet food seasoning called pawTree Superfood Seasoning.  It is a delicious freeze-dried RAW protein (either meat, poultry, or fish – real food) with a concentrated source of 8 different superfoods (pumpkin, sweet potatoes, kale, tomatoes, carrots, cranberries, pomegranate, and blueberries), and a special blend of vitamins.  It is delicious and nutritious for both dog or cat.

pawTree Superfood Seasoning can be used with any pet food wet or dry and even with a prescription food.  I hear all too often a pet is put on a prescription diet and the pet won’t eat it.  This is a perfect for those pets too.

The seasoning comes in 12, YES 12, varieties to give your pet flavorful variety without tummy upset.  Get more than one bottle so you can change the flavor each day.

Still not sure – if I send you a sample, would you give me feedback on your pet’s reaction to the seasoning?