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Hi, my name is Linda Andrade.   Pet owners hire me to unleash their pet’s optimum wellness because most don’t know where to find solutions that are not only healthy and natural, but also quick and easy to use.  So I help them select products for their pets that boost energy, transform skin, comfort joints, and so much more…. 

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My husband and I currently have five awesome dogs (but what dog isn’t awesome).  They range in age from 13 years to 5 years old.  My family and heart grew about 10 years ago with my first adopted dog — Coco.   I was very interested in providing her with quality nutrition and so began my journey into pet health and nutrition.

Meet the Pawsome crew:

Introducing Coco:

She was approximately 2 years old when we were fortunate enough to become her pet parents.  She was left on a doorstep with her litter of 7 puppies and heart worm positive.  That family quickly notified a rescue and began fostering her.

This girl was amazing she survived Heart Worms, Lyme Disease, and Cancer.

She crossed the rainbow bridge on 1/1/2018.  She is missed very much.  Run free sweet girl.  

Coco at the beach

Introducing Sugar:

About a year after we adopted Coco, we adopted Sugar.  The name suits her as she is as sweet as sugar.  It took time and patience for these two to become buddies, but they are quite the pair. Sugar is approximately 12 years old now and has had very few health issues.  Except the fatty tumors, pulled muscle from her running down the stairs and around the yard like she is 2 years old, and she is now experiencing some age related cognitive symptoms.

Introducing Bones:

A little over 5 years ago we moved and met an adorable hound that we lovingly referred to as Bones (because she was just so bony).  We found out she was the neighbor’s dog.  They were moving and asked if we wanted to keep her – of course our answer was yes!  Little did we know at the time she was pregnant.  Before we took ownership, she had 4 adorable puppies in an abandoned house across the street.  We immediately brought her and the puppies to our house.  The plan was to keep her, get her spayed, and give away the puppies.  Well I’ve learned over the years to be flexible because plans change.  Unfortunately, she became very ill with kidney failure and we had to put her down when the puppies were only 2 weeks old.

Introducing the Puppies:

Here is a picture of them about 4 years ago.  They are a mix of a Treeing Walker Coonhound and Australian Cattle Dog.  What a combination.  Someone once commented  “they don’t know whether to herd them or chase them”.

Introducing Bear:

Bear was Pet Therapy certified when he was 1 1/2 years old.  During certification Bear was initially a little shy but loved meeting people.  With each visit he developed and enjoyed going from room to room for visits.  We visit nursing homes and participate in a summer reading program for children.  Bear loves being his happy go lucky self with the children.  I have recently introduced him to K-9 Nosework.  He is a quick learner and loves the sport.

Introducing Hank:

Hank LOVES to learn anything new and his list of tricks is quite long.  Hank is a bundle of ENERGY which can be challenging! I often wonder if he could have been a herding dog, but then again the hound in him would have easily distracted him and he would take off following the first interesting scent.

Introducing Bevly:

Bevly is a sweet dog but unfortunately she is fearful of new places or noises.  I introduced her to K-9 Nosework when she was about 18 months old.  She LOVES nosework and it has helped her in so many ways.  I have patiently trained and gently exposed her to new places always praising and rewarding for her courage.  In November 2016 she earned her NW1 title at her first Nosework trial.


Introducing Patches:

Patches is a smart, proud boy.  He is my allergy guy.  He was into agility until his allergies got the best of him.  He lacked energy and enthusiasm even for his favorite games or playing with his sister and brothers.  He was underweight for his size.  I struggled for years for find him relief.  I am happy to say with his current diet and supplements, he has gained 8 lbs, is full of energy, ready to run, and enjoys playing with his siblings.