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Hi my name is Linda Andrade and doggie momma to these amazing dogs. I joined the pawTree pack because I absolutely LOVE their uncompromising commitment to quality pet nutrition. You’ll see many stories about how the supplements helped my dogs and other pets.

Introducing Hank:

Hank LOVES to learn anything new and his list of tricks is quite long.  Hank is a bundle of ENERGY which can be challenging! I often wonder if he could have been a herding dog, but then again the hound in him would have easily distracted him and he would take off following the first interesting scent.

Introducing Bevly:

Bevly is a sweet dog but unfortunately she is fearful of new places or noises.  I introduced her to K-9 Nosework when she was about 18 months old.  She LOVES nosework and it has helped her in so many ways.  I have patiently trained and gently exposed her to new places always praising and rewarding for her courage.  In November 2016 she earned her NW1 title at her first Nosework trial.


Introducing Charlie:

Charlie was an abandoned hunting dog that could barely make it up our front steps. Despite the struggles he went through prior to his arrival with us, he loves all people and gets along well with Hank and Bevly.