CBD for Dogs and Cats

CBD is all the rage for people and pets.

pawTree's CBD Mega is formulated with organic Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract.  This rich extract is from the stalks, stems, leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. We use a pure extract that is minimally processed, nutritionally dense and naturally low in THC (less than 0.3%), which means your pets get all the benefits of CBD and other natural cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes, which are known to have a therapeutic benefit, or “Entourage Effect”, without the psychoactive effects of THC (your pets won’t get “high”).

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Each chew contains 15 mg of organic Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract. In addition it contains:

  • Passion Flower: Helps to reduce stress and anxiety and aids in relaxation
  • Valerian Root: Helps to calm anxious, stressed or fearful pets and promotes relaxation
  • Ginger Root: Helps with digestive issues, nausea, motion sickness, gas, and supports a healthy inflammatory response

Key Benefits of pawTree's CBD Mega:

  •  Promotes Calming Due to Anxiety
  • Aids with Occasional Aches & Discomfort
  • Supports Normal, Healthy Joint Function and Mobility
  • Helps to Support the Immune System
  • Helps to Support Cognitive Function
  • Supports Digestive Tract Health
  • Supports Pets with Seasonal Allergies
  • Maintains a Healthy Skin & Coat
  • Promotes Overall Vitality
  • Developed by Veterinarians and Nutritionists
  • Organic
  • GMO Free
  • Made in the USA

NEW Goodies

Chicken Bone Broth

Easily add the amazing health benefits of bone broth to your pet's meals.

Chicken Bone Broth

Beef Bone Broth

Sprinkle on food, add to water, mix with wet or raw for the health benefits.

Beef Bone Broth

Pill Wrap

Easy to use medication wrap.

Does not contain Chicken or Beef the perfect choice for pets with those allergies.

Medication Wrap

Mega CBD

Organic broad-spectrum hemp extract.

GMO Free.

Certified Organic.

With Passion Flower, Valerian Root, and Ginger Root.

CBD mega

Spaw Time

SPAw Shampoos are made with natural ingredients.

Hypo-allergenic.  Ph-balanced

Soap free.  Sulfate free

Paraben free.  Cruelty free.

Made with Human-Grade Ingredients.

Grooming Line

2 in 1

The 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner will cut bath time in half.

Fresh Spring Petal scent.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Itch Relief Shampoo

Contains aloe and oat extracts, nourishing natural oils and vitamins A, D, and E to help soothe and repair irritated skin.

Itch Relief Shampoo

'Tween Time Wipes

Great for removing dirt, dander, odor, excess hair.

Perfect for allergy pets to remove environmental allergens.

Cleansing Wipes

Paw and Nose Balm

Provides instant relief for dry, rough, or cracked pads and noses.

Paraben free


Paw and Nose Balm

Paw Fume

Deodorizing mist breaks down odors at their source.

Use on your pet and their bedding.

Deodorizing Mist

Tear Stain Solution

The perfect pair to help combat those unsightly tear and saliva stains.

Topical works on the outside and chew works on the inside.

Tear Stain Chew and Topical Solution

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  3. Who will help me?
    1. I will be with you to help you meet the goals you set for your business.  You decide your goals if they are small or large - that is your choice and I am here to support that choice.
    2. We have an entire team, home office, and other petPros that jump in to help and encourage.  It really is a family.
    3. We have an online training program called pawTree University that walks you through every aspect of the website, compensation plan, and growing your business.

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13 Reasons to Reset Your Pet’s Diet

Your Pet's Health is an Investment

If your dog or cat is experiencing a dull coat, excessive shedding, itchy skin, lacks energy, has bad gas or digestive issues, these issues are not normal or something they must endure.

The good news is there are natural and holistic solutions to benefit your pet's health.  Why pawTree?

Because we know not every pet is the same even in the same household, I invite you to complete a free Pet Profile for suggestions on your specific pet.  Or, if you'd prefer to ask me a specific question, I am available to discuss your pet's nutrition.


How to get your picky eater dog to eat without extra work

If you are reading this post you want to know how to get your picky eater dog (or cat) to eat without extra work for you.  You may have a dog or cat that is a picky eater or you know someone that does.  It is fairly common and as pet owners we may not know where to turn.  Your concerns may be that you have a thousand things going through your head as to why your pet is not eating or you are unsure what to do.  Some people may have said to you “if they are hungry, they will eat” but you are more concerned about your pet’s health and nutrition needs.  Read on there is hope.

Potential Causes:

Causes may range from A – Z or be as simple as your pet is tired of eating the same thing everyday.  I would be too.

Health – make sure your pet does not have any medical issues that may be the cause of them not eating.  If your pet is experiencing any medical issues, a vet visit is necessary.

  • Dental – your pup may be unable to eat due to a tooth issue, gum problem, or mouth sore.  Check to make sure this is not the case.
  • Eye problems.  Yes, due to the placement of the eye, the jawbone will cause pressure on the eye area.  This may make eating painful.   My dog Coco, who is a Labrador mix, in the 10 years we had her, never refused to eat until one day.  Long story short she had a tumor in her eye that caused the eye pressure to rise so it was painful for her to chew.
  • Age – perhaps your senior is losing their sense of smell or taste as they age.
  • Recent illness or medications.


  • Food quality.  Low or poor quality food is a very common reason dogs will refuse to eat.  Many low quality foods have fillers and insufficient meat products to make it appealing to the dog.
  • Spoiled Food.  Did you know that dog or cat food can spoil quickly because the the method of storage?  I would by the large bag of food, bring it home and dump it in a large plastic container. The container had a rubber seal, so I thought the food was protected.  But, little did I know that the food degrades each time the container is opened and can easily spoil.  I didn’t know that until I was researching, and yes I made this mistake too.  Below is a picture of the best method to store your pet food.  Keep the food in the bag with a clip or a resealable bag, place food bags into your plastic container.Picky eater dog food storage
  • Overweight.  In a 2017 study by Pet Obesity Prevention, 59% of cats and 54% of dogs are overweight.  Being overweight will have a detrimental effect on your pet’s overall health.
  • Bad habits – like too many treats or snacking from the table.


  • New environment or routine.  Has anything changed with your household?  Did you recently move into another house (congratulations), or did you move your pet’s items to a different area?  Has something changed with their routine?  Perhaps a new addition to the household or your schedule has changed.  Any of these can affect your pet and their appetite.
  • Behavioral – pets are smart and will quickly pick up on begging for treats or your food.
  • Multi-pet household – food aggression or fear to eat the food.  Take note of any behavior in this area so that you can address the problem and make your pet feel safe so they are comfortable to eat.

Common Suggestions:

Below are some common suggestions you may find on the internet or hear from others.

  • Change food or flavor
  • Switch to wet or vice versa
  • Add other food items to their bowl
  • Schedule (eat the same time/place everyday)
  • No table scraps
  • Offer for 30 minutes and remove


  • Change your pet’s food, flavor or moving to wet/dry.  The recommended method to change food is to transition for 5-7 days.  In pet food transition, you would gradually introduce your pet to the new food to help prevent rejection and tummy issues.

Transition method (based on 1 cup feeding, simply adjust for your pet’s feeding amount):

💚 Day 1 – 2
 ¾ cup current food
 ¼ cup new food

💚 Day 3 – 4
 ½ cup current food
 ½ cup new food

💚 Day 5 – 7
 ¼ cup current food
 ¾ cup new food

💚 Day 8
1 cup new food

This may not be an option if your pet has a food allergy or is currently on a prescription diet.  Your pet may not like the new food, then you are out the time for transition and the money you spent on new food, but still stuck with the problem of your picky eater dog (or cat).

  • Adding other food.

You decide to try adding other food and it works, but how healthy is it, really.  In reviewing the list below note that the calories and sodium are in addition to the amounts your pet receives in their food and treats.

ProTip:  If your pet has a medical condition you should speak with your vet before adding too much sodium or calories.

  • Canned tuna (in water) offers a serving size of 2 oz, with 50 calories per serving, and has 180 mg of sodium.
  • String cheese, 1 sick has 80 calories (50 from fat), and 200 mg of sodium.
  • Chicken hot dog, 1 frank has 120 calories (70 from fat), and a whopping 620 mg of sodium.
  • Canned dog food with a serving size of .32 oz has 93.5 calories, salt (mg not stated on can), and carrageenan. First ingredient is water.
  • Popular brand topping with a serving size of 3 oz has 78 calories per pouch, and contains salt, beef flavor, and chicken broth.
  • Grain free chicken topper, with a serving size of 2 tbsp (per 20 lbs) with 45.8 calories per tbsp.
  • Table scraps may begin a cycle of poor eating habits and entices begging.  Both are difficult habits to break.  Many people foods are not appropriate for pets, so it is always best to avoid giving table scraps.
  • The worst suggestion I have seen is from an actual pet nutrition company.  Their theory is that dogs are looking for extra treats.  Their stated method is: to set the food out and if uneaten in 30 minutes to remove the food.  Do this for a day or 2 so the dog may learn to not check for extra treats.  WHAT!?  That is horrible idea.  Most vets will recommend if your pet has not eaten in 24 hours to make an appointment with them for an evaluation.

There is hope for your picky eater dog (or cat)

Would you be interested, if I told you there is a better solution for your picky eater dog (or cat) to all of the above options?

Are you ready to provide your pet with a healthy solution that is low calorie and can boost the immune system?  A solution that is also easy to use – just sprinkle on their food, can be used for both cats and dogs, with 10 different varieties, is economical, has the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) quality seal, and is delivered to your door.  Does this sound too good to be true?  Hear from a vet.

Let’s make mealtime fun for your pet, no more picky eater for you so you can relax, and no extra work.  To order your picky eater dog or cat pawPairing Superfood Seasoning now – click here.  

If you are still undecided, get a sample (one per household) to try.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

#1 Click here to enter your info and a sample will be on it’s way to your pet

#2  Try the sample with your picky eater dog (or cat)

#3  Provide me your feedback on the results of the sample.

July 4th and Your Pet

Dog or Cat Have Anxiety with Fireworks?

July 4th is coming.🥳  Along with all the excitement of cookouts, friends and family visits, and yes the dreaded fireworks (because your pet gets anxious from one or maybe all of the events).
But, there is good news!
If your dog or cat is nervous or afraid of loud noises like fireworks, there is a natural supplement that helps your pet chill.  It is the most comprehensive calming aid supplement for dogs and cats.  It works well for Hank and Bevly and maybe exactly what your pet needs. Yummy chews or a chew bone.
Three options:


Chillax with CBD

Chillax Bone

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Do You Have a Heart for Pets?

Take a Quick Look

People that are interested in pursuing pawTree as an independent consultant typically have the following basic questions:

Does it work?

  • pawTree was founded in 2014 by Roger Morgan.
  • pawTree is continuing to grow.  The pet industry is a $99B (yes, that's billion) industry.
  • Roger's commitment to uncompromising quality so pets can thrive is key.
  • The potential for growth is immense.

Can I do it?

  • YES, you can.  We have a simple 3 step process that works well.
    1. Create success through authentic conversations with pet parents to uncover any issues their pets may be facing.
    2. Share the benefits of our high quality products, developed by veterinarians and Ph.Ds in animal science and pet nutrition, that provide solutions based on their pet’s unique needs.
    3. Magnify your impact and income by empowering others to build a business doing the same.
  • Set your own hours - part time or full time.
  • Customers order online and their products are shipped directly to them.
  • No experience is needed.  Everything you need to know is in the online pawTree University.

Who will help me?

  • I will be with you to help you set goals and a vision of where you want to take your business.
  • We have an amazing team of people that are ready and willing to help.
  • Customer Service is the BEST I've seen.
  • Just remember... while you are in business for yourself, you are NOT in business by yourself.

Ready to join the pawTree Family?

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